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Esplanade Rehearsals

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Photos from Esplanade Rehearsals, 21st February 2010:

Macbeth and the First Murderer discuss matters Macbeth attempts to point out the ghost of Banquo to the others at the banquet Macbeth notices too late that the ghost of Banquo has just cheers-ed him Macbeth gets hen-pecked by Lady Macbeth, the Director and the Assistant Director
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth express some disagreement Hecate isnt very happy with the Three Witches... Macbeth consults with Hecate, the Three Witches and the Three Apparitions - a good idea? Macbeth can only hope that theyre laughing with him
Macduff tries to talk Malcolm into becoming Scotlands next king Ross brings news for Macduff and Malcolm ...unfortunately very bad news for Macduff Malcolm the politician attempts to comfort Macduff after hes received disasterous news