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Massey Drama Lab Rehearsals

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Photos from Massey Drama Lab Rehearsals, 31st January 2010:

The ghost of Banquo slips into the banquet unnoticed, or at least mostly unnoticed Macbeths female stand-in is more shocked by Banquos ghost than the other way around Fainthearts beware - the Director Lady Macbeths compulsive hand-washing becomes increasingly problematic
Lennox discusses, or gossips about, important matters with a Lord The thankless task of Directing and Stage Managing can however be recorded photographically The Three Witches are up to no good again... Malcolm receives direction as Macduff watches on
Macduff never thought that convincing someone to be king would be so difficult! Malcolms still not sure that being King of Scotland is his calling in life So if Im King of Scotland, Ill receive fewer stage directions? Macduff receives disasterous news
Macduff is justifiably angry Malcolm suggests revenge to Macduff Lady Macbeths mental health detereorates The Third Murderer, Macduff and the Gentlewoman indulge in their love of the script