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Mission Personnel Recon Communiques Previous Missions
Nick Skarott

Skarott, Nick
Sound and Lighting Designer


  • Summer Shakespeare 2008 & 2009 Tech design
  • Cabaret (MUDS 2009) Audio technician
  • Festival of New Arts 2006 & 2008 Tech design
  • The One After The Last Goon Show Audio technician
  • Mort (MUDS 2007) Audio technican
  • Revolting Rhymes (MUDS 2007) Audio technician

Reason for undertaking mission:

  • "This would be number 3.  It's said that number 3 will make you or break you.  I'm confident it'll make me."

Why people should come to MSS's Macbeth:

  • "This is one of my favourite works of Shakespeare.  It's also one of the most well known.  And what we've got planned for it is going to be monumentally brilliant."

Favourite quote from the play:

  • Lay on, Macduff

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